Thursday, March 26, 2020

Unicorn cake

Quick unicorn cake... in the nick of time. I was SO exhausted after yesterday, I just baked it and went to bed. Thankfully the planets aligned and everything went ok. Sometimes I like getting back to these simple buttercream cakes.

Edible dried flowers wedding cake

Today was crazy but wonderful. Dropped off a wedding cake for my sweet friend's son, saw my cute Ashlei... made Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes and Christmas partied with my family until much too late.

South Jordan City Candy Sculpture - Reindeer Scene

This was my second year doing these candy sculptures for South Jordan City. I was so happy with how this one turned out and how easy it was to set up compared to last year! Thanks again to Clint Kotter and his metal base wizardry for the snowman and the tree! The selfie picture is to give you an idea of the scale. The snowman and tree were as tall as me.

Dreams Do Come True in New Orleans wedding cake

This was for my Ashley. This wedding cake had been in the dream state for a lot of years so it was so much fun to see it all come together and to see Ashley as the beautiful bride!

Buttercream Sunflower wedding cake

Succulent wedding cake

Wedding cake for my Audrey and Suzanne friends! Had to deliver it early so I could go to girls' weekend with two of my high school besties for our birthdays, so I didn't get a great picture. I hope it made it and that your night was beautiful! Love you ladies!

Astronaut Alien NASA birthday cake

You know how much I love our sheep kids. Peyton asked me to do his birthday cake, I told him I couldn't because it was fair week. But his disappointment haunted me so guess who gets a surprise tomorrow. I hope he likes it because I sure had fun making it!

Bump in the Road Wedding cake

Last minute wedding cake for one of my favorite people in the whole world... well... her handsome son anyway. 😊 This one had me in tears. There is a road right next to this place.... they should warn cake decorators to never, ever, ever take this road! I've been doing this a long time now and I don't have a lot of disasters anymore but there were speed mountains on this road! The bad thing is, they were seriously deceiving. They are just a cement color so they don't look very big but once you go over them you realize that they just launched your car and all of your cakes into the air. I literally think everyone of the cakes actually lifted I half an inch into the air. It was the most terrifying feeling ever and I'm pretty sure I said some words that I'm glad no one else was in the car to hear. :) Luckily it was fixable and didn't look bad from the front but if anyone looks at the back I will cry. Thank you Laurel for being so kind about it! I hope your night was incredible! You looked beautiful as always!!

Fortnite Birthday Cake

This one was for Alan's new boss' son. Surprisingly, none of my kiddos are into Fortnite... so I hope I got this one right. 😊 The actual cake is marble so I colored the vanilla part of the marble and made it camouflage inside. I hope it hits the mark!

Make-A-Wish Frozen birthday cake

I wanted to do something extra this year for the cute little Make-A-Wish girl who helped me unveil my Macy's ornament so I asked her to contact me for a free birthday cake. I didn't think she'd remember so I was so pleased when she reached out! So excited to see her face tomorrow.

Simple Wooded Wedding

Quick wedding cake in the midst of my chaos this weekend. Chocolate peanut butter.

Zurg Buzz Birthday cake

For my adorable Grayson who loves Zurg and Buzz.

Crown Marine Gamer cake

For my son's roommate who loves all of the above.

Roseman painted flowers wedding cake

My favorite cakes are those I get to do for people I love. This was for my Janalene. Well, for her son anyway. I love combining painted flowers with gum paste flowers. You can't see in this picture, but since of the leaves and flowers are tipped with gold. This one was definitely prettier in person!

Isaac Iron Man Avengers cake

Quick Birthday cake for one of my favorite kids.