Friday, October 16, 2015

Western Wedding

Western Wedding - This cake was actually made on my birthday. I got a lot of crap about that, but when she sent me what she wanted I just couldn't say no. I love when I get to use new techniques. It's exciting! And scary...but mostly exciting. I wasn't sure how I was going to achieve the leather work look, but I played around with it and loved the result. Everything down to the stars and barbed wire on this cake is edible. That is the biggest challenge but it was a kick!

Minion cake Bob

Minion cake Bob - I do believe this is my new favorite cake ever! Not because I like the way it turned out better than any other, but because it just makes me smile. Every time I look at it! Also, the person I made it for makes me smile. Every time I see her! Combine the two and you have the best memory in cake land ever. Thanks for calling me Ashley!  I love and miss you!

Ruffles and peanut butter chocolate

Ruffles and peanut butter chocolate - This is by far one of my favorite weddings ever. I loved the look of these cakes together. Both kind of elegant and fun at the same time. Which really reflected the couple in my opinion. The only problem is, the peanut butter chocolate one smelled so good and the drive there was nearly an hour. It was torture!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

FFA/Fremont graduation cake

FFA/Fremont graduation cake - This was a blast for me. I was stressed because I couldn't decide how to make this look good with the FFA logo. Have you seen it? Cool, but kelly green and yellow. I just couldn't make it look good with the coloring of the rest of the cake. So what do all cowgirls do? Slap that sucker on a belt buckle. :-) I always love doing belt buckles because I have to use negative space instead of building up like I usually do. Congratulations Lexie!

Floral and lace in Ivory and Blush

Floral and lace in Ivory and Blush - This was for my cousin's son. Again, they kind of gave me free reign based off a few cakes they really liked. That is always my favorite. The wedding was at Maddox, so I was super grateful that I was also invited to the amazing dinner. It pays to be family. :-)

Arabian Nights cake

Arabian Nights cake - With a name like Jasmyn you just have to have a magic carpet cake. This was the second of my Bunco prize cakes. I only had one in my original stash, but I loved the accent pillows I bought so much that when she wanted a cake instead, I had to relent. :-)

Blush and Beige Buttercream floral

Blush and Beige Buttercream floral - This cake stressed me out as all buttercream cakes do because all I can see are my imperfections. But this one was a little different. I almost loved the imperfections. It made it look all the more classic which really fit with the theme. And I always love blush and beige!

Golden Anniversary Floral spray

Golden Anniversary Floral spray - This cake was for a couple who I call my almost in-laws. :-) I love these two so much. They were an integral part of my life for many years and I will always be grateful for their example of how a marriage should be. So loving and fun. I got to spend some time with them the night before and they haven't changed a bit. They will always be in my heart and I wish them many more anniversaries to come.

Vintage tea party cake

Vintage tea party cake - This one was for a lady in my neighborhood who is such a selfless lady. No one works harder to make sure her kids are taken care of than this lady. I think she may be undervalued sometimes as most moms are so I wanted to do something that was all about her for once. Love you Cassie.

Vintage blossoms wedding cake

Vintage blossoms wedding cake - This cake was for my cousin's sister-in-law. They had a tragedy happen just before the wedding so I was happy that they made it to the alter that day. They were such a sweet couple. I was glad to be able to be a part of their day.

Superman wedding

Superman wedding cake - This one was for my beautiful cousin. It was her second marriage so she wanted the day to be more about her groom than her since it was his first. I thought that was "super" selfless. Her new hubby is a police officer so she wanted a Superman logo bursting  out of the back of the wedding cake. It was supposed to be the back, so I am embarrassed that you can see a few of my seams of you look too close, but she loved it so much she wanted that side to face out. Again, one of those that could have been a little tacky, but I think it turned out "super."

Mono-Ski birthday

Mono-Ski birthday - I have done cakes on and off for this family since Tanner was 8 years old, so it has been fun to watch the evolution of things he is into. The design was something I pieced together from a couple cakes I found online so I can't take credit for originality, but if you look at the close-up of the ski it is patterned after his exact ski. That is what I think makes these designs unique and fun!

Family Bank Robbery cake

Family Bank Robbery cake  - To anyone just glancing at the cake, it might seem like the most odd theme ever, but it was such a cute back story! I gave a one tier cake away as a Bunco prize when I hosted. My neighbor who won the prize called me and said, "You are going to think I am so weird, but my son has been obsessed with this story he read in Reader's Digest about this family who turned to a life of robbing banks after their mother died. He had a dream that we robbed a bank as a family and I was driving the get away car." If you know this kid, you would know out of character robbing a bank would be for him which made it even more funny. I giggled the whole time I was making this one and it still makes me smile every time I see it.

Blue floral vines

Blue floral vines - This cake was a last minute thing, but I was so happy with it. The bride was so cute. She told me that she went through my blog and read every post. I don't know why that tickled me so much, but it did. So she told me she trusted me and gave me free reign, which you all know I love. So I mixed the hydrangeas and ribbon roses and added the vine look she liked from another cake. It was so fun to be a part of her beautiful day. The setting was stunning, it was at the prettiest home I have ever been to. Every detail was carefully considered in that home and I hope they felt that way about the cake.

Tennis wedding and grooms cakes

Tennis wedding and grooms cakes - This was for the daughter of my surrogate sister. They met in college playing tennis so we had no choice but to do a groom's cake that reflected that. I loved the simple themes she had on each layer. Classic and elegant, just like Chelsea.