Tuesday, September 27, 2016

JoAnn and Mark wedding cake

JoAnn and Mark wedding - I wish I had a better picture. My SD card didn't work in my good camera. I couldn't think of a better reason to do a wedding cake than my own sister. And there is nothing I love more than putting "easter eggs" in cakes. This one features a bunny. Can you find it?

Peacock wedding cake

Peacock wedding cake - This is one of those cakes that I think are so fun because I don't always "catch the vision" of the bride at first. But I try to make the bride's ideas work no matter what I think. But as I start putting the pieces together I stand back and think, wow, I actually think this is pretty cool. I loved all the jewel tones. I actually wanted a picture of all the cute kids in their jewel toned dresses around the cake because they were so cute!!! I added a tier and extra cupcakes since I had time. Katie, thanks for asking me to do this one!! I hope she liked it.

Sunflower buttercream wedding cake

Sunflower buttercream wedding cake - This one was so fun! Such a cool setting and really cool decor. I loved it. Fresh flowers on this one.

Almost naked wedding cake

Almost naked wedding cake - This week has been chaos, but thank heaven for that because I started these cakes early because of the chaos and A/C went out this morning. Not fabulous when you are working with buttercream. Fingers and toes crossed that this doesn't give in to the heat. Tried a new recipe that is supposed to make it stand up to the heat. All the flowers/leaves are gumpaste so at least they will stay beautiful.

Kaleb and Aurora wedding cake

Kaleb and Aurora wedding cake - Can I just say how much I love this family?!? When you attend a Martin wedding, you feel like family. They make everyone in the room feel like they are loved. I want to be like that when I grow up. Not to mention, you never stop laughing. Thank you for treating us all to such a great evening. Congratulations Kaleb and Aurora! What a beautiful couple!

Gray lace wedding

Gray lace wedding

White floral drape

White floral drape - I am always nervous to do cakes for relatives of other amazing cake decorators. This was going to be a butter cream only design, but the venue was a greenhouse type area, which is not a great place for butter cream icing when it is 90+ degrees outside. I hope she loves it anyway!

Tibbitts wedding

Tibbitts wedding - I totally forgot my camera for this one. That's what happens when you have three wedding cakes in a weekend. If someone gets a better shot please share!

Finding Nemo whale cake

Finding Nemo whale cake - Happy birthday to the cutest kid on the planet (next to my nieces and nephew of course) His mom said the whale from Finding Nemo was his favorite, which I loved! So original and fun.

Twin rosette cake two

Twin rosette cake two - Wedding cake from this weekend I forgot to post. This was a re-do of a former cake, but I like this version much better. I had just come out of my surgery last time, so this one was much more polished. :-) Good thing to because when I got there, the food truck that was supposed to serve dinner had caught fire and the fire department had soaked all their ingredients and their ovens. Of all the luck. I felt so bad for the wedding party as well as the poor food truck guy. Hope it all turned out well. Everyone has to have a story right?

Grandma Dabb cake

Grandma Dabb cake - This was a cake to celebrate what would have been my Grandma Dabb's 100th birthday. I remade the bottom because I wasn't happy with it the first time and then during delivery the torrential rain and humidity made the frosting slide down the sides and it was ruined. So this picture is to show my cousins that at one point, it was a beautiful tribute to our amazing grandmother. Just glad it was going to my family who love me anyway! Also, when I first arrived, my Aunt Jeanette came to greet us. Because of the rain, she had on a hood, was carrying and umbrella and was bent over a little. My heart raced when I saw her as she looked exactly like grandma. I knew it wasn't real, but for a couple seconds, my heart was so happy to see her there. Sorry if I hugged you a little tight Aunt Jeanette. You gave me a little taste of heaven. Love you all! Happy birthday Grandma!

Simple polka dot cake

Simple polka dot cake - I was running so much today I never got a picture of this one. Thank heaven it went to one of my all-time favorite photographers! I am always uber self-conscious of my buttercream cakes....they are certainly not flawless. I almost wanted to cover this one in fondant, but this tall skinny cake would have been super hard to cut and serve with fondant hiding my flaws. So I had to be a big girl and decide to breathe and let it go.

Jake and Browne wedding cake

Jake and Browne wedding cake - For some reason, I didn't get a great picture of this one. Which is too bad because you can't see the triangle pieces I put on the front. It was my favorite part because it made it unique. I am just happy that Jake and Browne were happy with it! The wedding was beautiful. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

Stacked monster cake

Stacked monster cake - I love cakes with personality. So much more fun. I didn't have time for three layers with this one so the guy on the top is styrofoam.

Gold and pink ruffle cake

Gold and pink ruffle cake - I love doing local Morgan cakes. Delivery is easy, everyone is sweet, it's the best. Also, the most nerve wracking because what if they don't like it? Back to the other two now. I'm so dumb. LOL But I love it all at the same time!