Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mexican graduation/Air Force cake

Mexican graduation/Air Force cake - For cute Shirley....one Mexican, graduation, Air Force cake for the books.  I had so much fun doing this one. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day. You have such a fun family! Thank your son for his service! So proud of these boys!

Plants vs. Zombies cake

Plants vs. Zombies cake - Finally someone asked! I have always wanted to do this cake. Having just had surgery, I told her we would have to go really simple because I still wasn't feeling 100%. But I just couldn't stop myself. Plants vs. Zombies used to be one of my favorites so this one was pure joy for me. I love when it feels less like work and more like happy. And the hug that I got from the sweetest little kiddo ever would have made it worth it even if it was work. Love you guys!

Rivendell Gamer wedding cake

Rivendell Gamer wedding cake - This was for one of my previous work besties. They gave me a Rivendell theme. But originally they were thinking of something that combined their love of Borderlands and Assassins Creed. So I decided to surprise then and subtly include all three. My boys told me that in Borderlands it's a thing that you have to find "vault" symbols etched into the stone. So I carved some of those into the stone and made the Assassins Creed logo the topper. I didn't get to stay to see her, but I love my Katie so much and wish her and Tyler the best of everything!

Lego wedding cake part 2

Lego wedding cake part 2 - When a fellow future Marine MoM asked me to do this cake, well, how can you say no? The bride was so cute, such a fun couple! It's nice sometimes to have such a fun theme.

Old Victorian wedding

Old Victorian wedding cake - It wasn't really an old Victorian wedding theme, but that is what this cake reminded me of. This one was stressful in so many ways, and took much longer than I anticipated, but so worth it for a family so dear to my heart. I love you Higleys and Sorensons. All the best to you Valerie!!! You were the most beautiful bride!!

Black and Gold wedding

Black & Gold wedding - This cake was for my sweet friend Kristen's beautiful daughter. It was a fun one for me. I loved the contrast on this one. I didn't get a great picture, I wish I would have taken one straight on this time instead of above. To my surprise, there was the cutest box on the table for me. Inside was a Keep Calm and eat Chocolate bar and vinyl that said Proud Mom of a U.S. Marine. Thanks for bringing ME happy tears on YOUR special day Kristen. You are a keeper. What a thoughtful, beautiful gift. Love you friend!

My first naked cake

My first naked cake - I kind of love the look, and it was fun, but it also seems a shame to have such a small amount of my favorite frosting on this cake.

Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland - Pulled an all-nighter with this one for a cute friend who was being a good friend and needed a last minute cake. The best part of this cake is that she tipped me with a crock pot meal for tonight. But tip ever! Especially from a recent culinary school graduate. I'm thinking I probably would have just traded her for more amazing freezer meals!

Libbie wedding

Libbie wedding - I was so excited when Libbie showed me her vision for this cake. I instantly fell in love with it. What I forget when I get so excited about a design is that all these leaves (200) have to be individually cut out, veined, and feathered one by one to get this look. I also made 36 flowers for the top tier which equals 180 individual petals cut out and feathered one at a time as well. I may not have gotten any sleep, but at least the teenagers stayed up late and entertained me with a "Frozen" lip sync battle and an epic, "who can steal the other persons shoes and socks off their feet while they are still in them" battle. All that mayhem and nothing is harmed until Ethan innocently sits on the bar stool and it collapses underneath him. It was epic.

Think Young cake

Think Young cake - This was for my cute neighbor whom I miss so much!!! Her dad is celebrating his 60th. His legacy is the Young Autogroup and Rocky Mountain Raceways, but he has also climbed Mt. Everest twice, so you have to document that. What a guy...and his crowning glory in my opinion, is what an amazing daughter he raised, but I couldn't find a place to put her on the cake.  All of the logos are hand painted, no tracing here...so that took me most of the night. My Achilles heel is the making of fondant cars. I hate it, I am horrible at it. so yes, those are hot wheels. Sorry cake universe.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

JoAnn and Mark wedding cake

JoAnn and Mark wedding - I wish I had a better picture. My SD card didn't work in my good camera. I couldn't think of a better reason to do a wedding cake than my own sister. And there is nothing I love more than putting "easter eggs" in cakes. This one features a bunny. Can you find it?

Peacock wedding cake

Peacock wedding cake - This is one of those cakes that I think are so fun because I don't always "catch the vision" of the bride at first. But I try to make the bride's ideas work no matter what I think. But as I start putting the pieces together I stand back and think, wow, I actually think this is pretty cool. I loved all the jewel tones. I actually wanted a picture of all the cute kids in their jewel toned dresses around the cake because they were so cute!!! I added a tier and extra cupcakes since I had time. Katie, thanks for asking me to do this one!! I hope she liked it.

Sunflower buttercream wedding cake

Sunflower buttercream wedding cake - This one was so fun! Such a cool setting and really cool decor. I loved it. Fresh flowers on this one.

Almost naked wedding cake

Almost naked wedding cake - This week has been chaos, but thank heaven for that because I started these cakes early because of the chaos and A/C went out this morning. Not fabulous when you are working with buttercream. Fingers and toes crossed that this doesn't give in to the heat. Tried a new recipe that is supposed to make it stand up to the heat. All the flowers/leaves are gumpaste so at least they will stay beautiful.

Kaleb and Aurora wedding cake

Kaleb and Aurora wedding cake - Can I just say how much I love this family?!? When you attend a Martin wedding, you feel like family. They make everyone in the room feel like they are loved. I want to be like that when I grow up. Not to mention, you never stop laughing. Thank you for treating us all to such a great evening. Congratulations Kaleb and Aurora! What a beautiful couple!