Saturday, November 2, 2013

Elegant Rhinestone Wedding cake

Elegant Rhinestone Wedding cake - I wasn't sure about the design on this one when I was first given the task, but I ended up just loving it.  Thanks you guys!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and smash cake

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and smash cake - Normally I dislike plastic figures on cakes, I feel like it is cheating, but I didn't have time to do fondant characters, so there you go.  :)

Jovi Birthday cake

 Jovi Birthday cake - For the ultimate Bon Jovi fan who named her adorable son Jovi.  :)

Vintage Paper Flower Wedding Cake

Vintage Paper Flower Wedding Cake - The middle layer is rice paper that I hand cut.  It took about 5 hours just to complete that one layer.  I found out later that Martha Stewart makes a punch.  DOH!

70th St. George Healthy cake

70th St. George Healthy cake

2nd place Ivory Homes Gingerbread House

2nd place Ivory Homes Gingerbread House - This was super fun and SUPER time consuming.  I don't know if I will ever do this again.  It was crazy!

Codey cake - this on was for Jan's cute nephew who I have adopted. :-)  I figured she would have paid for his cake as a wedding gift, so it was my honor to do this one.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your day you guys.  I know Jan was there with us.

Red & Black Wendy wedding

Red & Black Wendy wedding - My cute Wendy friend's wedding cake.  So happy to see her so happy!!!

Pink and black floral buttercream

Pink and black floral buttercream - Those of you who know me well know that I HATE buttercream cakes.  The fondant is easy to peel off and I use a generous layer of buttercream underneath anyway, but this bride insisted.  :-)  And everyone knows you don't argue with the bride.  :-)  I still love how it turned out even  though it stressed me out. 

Executive Secretary cake

Executive Secretary cake - Funny story about this one....I was asked to do this for some amazing Executive Secretaries in my LDS Stake.  I have been a member of the church my whole life, I know Executive Secretaries to the Stake Presidency are boys, but for some reason I heard secretary and made him a girl.  Luckily, I figured it out before it actually made it to them and gave it a quick switcheroo.  :)

Elmo/Minnie Cake

Elmo/Minnie cake - this one was for a sweet little girl who loves Minnie and Elmo.

Toothless Dragon cake

Toothless dragon cake - This one was for my cute friend Mandee's daughter.  I LOVE character cakes!  They have so much personality.

Deadhorse Alaska cake

This one was for my pseudo-sister whose hubby resides in Deadhorse, Alaska part of the year.  Welcome Home Ryan!

Bling cake

Bling cake - This one was do scary!  Not only was it pillared, which is always scary...but the glass top to the table was NOT attached to the base. Ahhh! I had about seventeen heart attacks that night.  But I do believe this is my favorite flower ever.

Becca Tony Award cake

Jake Super Smash Brawl

Jake Super Smash Brawl - This was for my cute Jake friend.I always love when I get to draw for cakes, but especially when it is for such a great kid.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Barker Wedding cake

Barker Wedding cake - This cake was for my fellow cake decorator friend, Lynette.  I always get nervous when making cakes for fellow decorators, but she was very gracious.  :)  She was a beautiful bride and I am so happy for her and her newly expanded family!

Peacock Wedding

Peacock wedding - This wedding cake was for Jared and Rachel.  My cute friends.  All my cakes for Hilary's kids have great stories.  The wedding was at La Caille.  So I was already nervous.  As I am almost there, over-zealous wedding planner calls me and says I am late, people are starting to arrive.  I was sure I wasn't really late, as I had actually written down the exact time I was supposed to arrive.  But she was there on site, so I must have gotten it wrong somehow right??  I am in Salt Lake traffic in a PANIC, I get to the venue, trying to hurry my fastest and we see the pretty peacocks.  What my sweet sister realized while carrying in the last layer is that peacocks aren't as nice as they are pretty.  :)  He was at her heels as she ran the last layer in.  When we got inside, there were no guests, no sign of the wedding party.  We were not late at all.  The reception didn't start for an hour!  :)  So with my nerves shot, I set the cake up and got out before anyone else came in.  Rachel was a stunning bride and so gracious.  Love these two!

Labor of Love

Labor of Love - This cake was a labor of love for sure.  It comes with the cutest story.  Once upon a time there was a girl who really wanted me to make her wedding cake.  She was dating a boy who was just leaving for 2 years on an LDS mission.  I told the girl if she waited for the boy, I would do it for free.  If she didn't wait, I would charge her double.  Well, she waited.  And thank heaven because they are just the cutest couple!!  Love these two!

Elegant Bow wedding cake

Elegant Bow Wedding cake - What most people don't realize is that these "simple" cakes are the toughest ones.  :)  There is no covering up imperfections on these beauties!  This is the furthest I have ever traveled with a cake too!  But it was well worth it.  What a sweet couple.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wendy's Wedding

This one was for my cute friend Wendy.  I am so excited for her!  I love to see people who have found true happiness.  Especially when they are my cute friends!  Congratulations!