Monday, December 27, 2010

Family Guy Stewie cake

Family Guy Stewie cake - I love Stewie so this one was fun for me! Sorry for the swear. I know I have some people who look at this with their kids. I don't have my editing software on my computer anymore since it crashed. :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Cookie Bouquets

Winter Cookie Bouquets - I am still learning with these cookie bouquets, but I think I am getting better with each one. :) I have been doing them all for my sister's friends so that I can get more practice.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dr. Suess Grinch cookies

Dr. Suess Grinch cookies - These were for my brother-in-law who wanted Grinch cookies for his holiday party that were very Dr. Suessical. I was so excited about them! They look so simple to me, but they took forever! I loved it though. The Grinch is my fav!

Bon Jovi cake

Bon Jovi cake - My little sister is a huge Bon Jovi fan. So I was going to do a Bon Jovi cake and then my other sister told me I should do him naked, so I thought in a towel would be fun. :) This was a super fast one for me, so give me some slack ultra-Bon Jovi fans. :)

BYU vs. University of Utah cookies

BYU vs. University of Utah cookies - Every year, this is the big game here in Utah, so every year I do these cookies. :) I changed them up a bit this year and like them better than years past. There are also a few Aggie alums that get their token cookies as well. :)

Princess Minnie cake

Princess Minnie cake - This one was for Oakley, who got the purse cake last year. :) This year she couldn't decide between Minnie Mouse and Princess, so I combined the two.

Turkey cookies

Turkey cookies - used my flower cutter for these (although there is still a ton of hand cutting involved.). It was a fun, but long process. :)

Flower cookie bouquet

Flower cookie bouquet - this was just a seriously quick little bouquet for my sister's friend at work. The bouquets have been a learning process for me, but they are fun.