Saturday, May 29, 2010

Snowboard cake

Snowboard cake - This one I was super excited about as well. I love it when my cakes get to be this personalized. This is the guy's personal snowboard, stickers and all. I really had a good time with this one. This one was entirely chocolate cake.

Scrollwork Bridal Shower cake

Scrollwork Bridal Shower cake - I was so excited when I was asked to do this cake. She showed me a couple scrapbook papers, a paper holder she liked and gave me the colors and this is what I came up with. It took forever to hand cut and freehand draw, all that scrollwork, but I love the end result so much! It was french vanilla cake with buttercream icing.

Rock climbing cake

Rock climbing cake - This was a last minute cake for a boy who is an avid rock climber. The cake is confetti cake with buttercream icing.

Regal Sunrise Houseboat cake

Regal Sunrise Houseboat cake - This was a cake I did last Thanksgiving. I am not sure why I never posted it. Maybe I didn't think it was good as it should be at the time? But I found it again and decided it needed to be posted. My husband's uncle invites us all down to Lake Powell every year to have fun on this cute houseboat. As a thank you for all their years of planning, I brought this to him on Thanksgiving. It was on Thanksgiving, so I was plenty busy and didn't have as much time to spend on it as I would have it is not as perfect as I would have liked. But definitely fun none the less. :) He loved it, which is really all that matters in the end.

WWII Airplane cake

WWII Airplane cake - This one was such a labor of love. First, it was for my husband's aunt, who I adore. Second, it was for her 90 year old dad who flew this particular plane in the war. I have such a soft spot for these amazing men who fought for their country and it thrills me to be able to do something that brings a smile to their face. The runway is half carrot cake half spice cake and the plane is rice cereal treats and styrofoam.

Strata/Iron Man cake

Strata/Iron Man cake. This was a cake I did for my little sisters friend. She couldn't decide if she wanted a cake patterned after her favorite album cover or an Iron Man cake. I loved the idea of the cake patterned after the album cover and the cover had so many cool elements. It ended up being a really fun cake to do.

Pink Scrapbook cake

Pink Scrapbook cake - This one was just a fun experiment with my new markers for a friend. It wasn't perfect, but I learned from it and I still think it is fun.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Classic Winnie the Pooh cake

Classic Winnie the Pooh cake - So...this is my favorite cake I have done in a long time. Not because I love the end result more than any other, but because I had SO much fun doing it. I drew every character on this cake freehand and it was the most fun I have had drawing in a long time. I love these characters and really enjoyed putting this one together. I think I spent 10 hours on this one, but I honestly loved every minute. Well, maybe not the minute when my mixer died...but every other minute. :) I took a picture of all the plaques before they went on the cake, so I am going to put that here too. :)

Littlest Pet Shop cake

Littlest Pet Shop Cake - This cake was for my littlest. She wanted specific characters and flowers on her cake and I had so much fun making this one. These little characters freak me out a little, but they are crazy fun to sculpt.

Kymberly's cookies

Kymberly's cookies - these were frog and butterfly cookies for my little girl's school birthday treat. She was very specific to what she wanted. She said she wanted the butterflies because that is what they were learning about in school, but boys don't like butterflies, so I could do frogs for the boys because that is what they learned about last year, so that should be ok. LOL! I love my opinionated little princess. :)