Friday, August 17, 2012

Cherice wedding

Cherice wedding - This one was for the daughter of one of my old mutual leaders so it was dear to my heart automatically, but I also loved that they did kind a shabby chic design.  It was super fun and the color just popped.  Thanks to the Chuggs for letting me be a part of their day!

Cake walk cakes

Cake walk cakes - These cakes were for the Relay for Life cake walk.  I came up with the flower for my wedding cake from these experiments.  :)

Stuart Wedding

Stuart wedding - This was a wedding cake right before Relay for Life.  It was for the cutest neighbor of mine that I just met.  I really enjoyed getting to use a new technique on this one.

Morgan County Fair cake

Morgan County Fair cake - This was the cake I made for my local county fair.  I had SO much fun with it.  I got Grand prize, Sweepstakes and People's Choice.  I loved doing it so much this year that I think I may sponsor a bigger contest next year.  :)

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train - This one was for my cute friend Ashley...actually, for her nephew.  I have never made a Thomas cake brfore. 

Thank you cakes

Thank you cakes - These cakes were thank you presents.  They were super fast, but turned out ok I thought.  :)

Lorax birthday cake

Lorax birthday cake - There was a lot of love in this cake.  I truly hated this movie other than the fact that these few characters were super cute.  So if anyone but Tyler had asked me to do this cake, I would have told them no.  :)  But I really enjoyed this one anyway.  :)

Bassinet Baby shower

Bassinet Baby shower - This one was another failed cricut attempt.  I really had that thing.  :)  Ended doing all of it by hand anyway.

Ben Lomond graduation cake

Ben Lomond graduation cake

Gavin Spiderman cake

Gavin Spiderman cake - This was for one of my super cute sunbeams.  He is so adorable, always telling me how he has "moves like Jagger.  :)

Monkey first birthday

Monkey first birthday - This was for the daughter of my cute co-worker, Cindy.  I loved doing this one.

Ike first birthday

Ike first birthday - This one was made to match invitations.  I always love these cakes.  I even got to use sprinkles.  How often does that happen?  :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

From All of Us

From all of us cake - This one was for my dear friend, Todd.  He has recently experience a fuzzy friend explosion at his house.  He has a greyhound, 11 burnese puppies and their mom, a kitty and four kittens. a lizard, three hamsters and four fish.  We decided to immortalize this in cake.  :)

70th birthday & 2nd birthday

70th birthday & 2nd birthday - this cake was for the same family as the MAC cake.  The dad was turning 70 and his grandson was 2. 

MAC cosmetics cake

MAC cosmetics cake - This was for a sweet sixteen party.What a fun family to work with!