Monday, November 30, 2009

Sock Monkey/Banana cookies

Sock Monkey/Banana cookies - These were tough since I didn't have a sock monkey cookie cutter. I had to hand cut all these cookies with a template, but I thought it was such a cute idea. I love to try anything out of the ordinary. Thanks Holly!

The Traditional Rivalry Cookies

The Traditional Rivalry Cookies - For those of you not from Utah, the annual BYU/University of Utah game is a really big deal. Every year I get a ton of orders for "Y" and "U" cookies. It has gotten to be kind of a fun tradition for me even though I am not a football fan.

Oakley Purse Cake

Oakley Purse Cake - This one was for one of my favorite customers. She is such a doll. It was for her 2 year old so she wanted a purse with some of her favorite things spilling out. There were three matching smash cakes as well, but I forgot to get pics.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Pirate Ship Cake

Another Pirate Ship Cake - this was for a friend of mine that used to live up the street from me. Such a fun way to get so see old friends. She told me later that her little guy was so thrilled with it, he was nearly in tears when they tried to cut it. That right there is why I do this. So cute!

Utah's Grand Wedding Cake Competition Entry - Italian Opera House Cake

Utah's Grand Wedding Cake Competition Entry - Italian Opera House Cake
The theme this year was Italian Romance. I had really debated whether or not to enter this year. Then I came up with two different ideas that I thought would be so much fun to do. I only had 3 days to get it all put together, but I am really so glad that I did it. I would have loved to have time to make roses to fill the space where the pillars are, and to make more table decor, but I was happy to at least be able to present a finished cake. I was not expecting to place at all, this being my first year entering and competing against so many amazingly talented and trained cake artists, but I got an Honorable Mention! I also got the Judges award for Best Use of Theme and the Utah's Choice award for Impeccable Skill. I was so giddy! I was humbled by the amount of talent there and met so many wonderful people who I hope to get to know better in the near future. My heart felt thanks goes out to my brilliant sister-in-law who talked me into doing this and made it possible for me to participate. Love you Jeanene!!

Transformers double take cake

Transformers double take cake - This was version two. :) The top was blueberry cake and the bottom was french vanilla with cherry filling.

Minnie Mouse dress cake

Minnie Mouse dress cake - This one is a bad picture. I wasn't thinking about the fact that the ears are black when I took it with the black background. :) Cake is princess marble on top and chocolate fudge on bottom.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mario, Lego, Wii, Mac, Peanut Butter cake

Mario, Lego, Wii, Mac, Peanut Butter cake - These are a few of his favorites things...*grin*

Princess and Frog Cookies

Princess and Frog Cookies - These were for a preschool party. So fun!

Transformers cake

Transformers cake - There is a funny story behind this one....I made it and then realized I made it a week early. They changed the date and I changed it in my calendar, but my reminders didn't update. DOH! Anyway, it will appear again next week. :)

Farm Animal Cookies

Farm Animal Cookies - These were for my cousin's adorable little one year old.

Friday, November 6, 2009

La Caille Princess Party cake

La Caille Princess Party cake - This is a duplicate of my earlier pillow cake, but I hate to do two cakes exactly the same, so there are variations. :)