Saturday, November 2, 2013

Elegant Rhinestone Wedding cake

Elegant Rhinestone Wedding cake - I wasn't sure about the design on this one when I was first given the task, but I ended up just loving it.  Thanks you guys!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and smash cake

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and smash cake - Normally I dislike plastic figures on cakes, I feel like it is cheating, but I didn't have time to do fondant characters, so there you go.  :)

Jovi Birthday cake

 Jovi Birthday cake - For the ultimate Bon Jovi fan who named her adorable son Jovi.  :)

Vintage Paper Flower Wedding Cake

Vintage Paper Flower Wedding Cake - The middle layer is rice paper that I hand cut.  It took about 5 hours just to complete that one layer.  I found out later that Martha Stewart makes a punch.  DOH!

70th St. George Healthy cake

70th St. George Healthy cake

2nd place Ivory Homes Gingerbread House

2nd place Ivory Homes Gingerbread House - This was super fun and SUPER time consuming.  I don't know if I will ever do this again.  It was crazy!

Codey cake - this on was for Jan's cute nephew who I have adopted. :-)  I figured she would have paid for his cake as a wedding gift, so it was my honor to do this one.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your day you guys.  I know Jan was there with us.

Red & Black Wendy wedding

Red & Black Wendy wedding - My cute Wendy friend's wedding cake.  So happy to see her so happy!!!

Pink and black floral buttercream

Pink and black floral buttercream - Those of you who know me well know that I HATE buttercream cakes.  The fondant is easy to peel off and I use a generous layer of buttercream underneath anyway, but this bride insisted.  :-)  And everyone knows you don't argue with the bride.  :-)  I still love how it turned out even  though it stressed me out. 

Executive Secretary cake

Executive Secretary cake - Funny story about this one....I was asked to do this for some amazing Executive Secretaries in my LDS Stake.  I have been a member of the church my whole life, I know Executive Secretaries to the Stake Presidency are boys, but for some reason I heard secretary and made him a girl.  Luckily, I figured it out before it actually made it to them and gave it a quick switcheroo.  :)

Elmo/Minnie Cake

Elmo/Minnie cake - this one was for a sweet little girl who loves Minnie and Elmo.

Toothless Dragon cake

Toothless dragon cake - This one was for my cute friend Mandee's daughter.  I LOVE character cakes!  They have so much personality.

Deadhorse Alaska cake

This one was for my pseudo-sister whose hubby resides in Deadhorse, Alaska part of the year.  Welcome Home Ryan!

Bling cake

Bling cake - This one was do scary!  Not only was it pillared, which is always scary...but the glass top to the table was NOT attached to the base. Ahhh! I had about seventeen heart attacks that night.  But I do believe this is my favorite flower ever.

Becca Tony Award cake

Jake Super Smash Brawl

Jake Super Smash Brawl - This was for my cute Jake friend.I always love when I get to draw for cakes, but especially when it is for such a great kid.