Saturday, January 17, 2009

Emily's "Create your own cake" party

Emily's "Create your own cake" party - This was a fun thing to do. Emily my good friend's daughter. I have made her birthday cakes for years now, she plans them months ahead as do all her siblings. This whole year she has been telling me that she wanted to help make her own cake the next time. So they decided to make a whole party of it. I brought stuff to help them make cupcakes and cookies and they had so much fun! I forgot to take pictures of the cake we made...duh! But here are some of their creations. They did their own thing on the cookies and then I showed them how to make roses the easy Duff Goldman way for their cupcakes. They frosted their own cupcakes with the icing bags as well. Way too fun! It was SO much work, but it was worth it for Em. Happy Birthday Em!

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