Monday, April 13, 2009

First Birthday Farm cake

First Birthday Farm Cake - This one was done to match invitations and party supplies. The design was so cute, it made this cake a breeze. Chocolate smash cake, large cake was coconut cake with chocolate filling.
*UPDATE* I just got pictures from the mom and she said I could share them on here. The cakes are so much cuter with the decor. Thanks Vicki!


Vicki said...

Jen thanks again for the wonderful work of art. We just loved it and the cake was DELICIOUS! I'll have to send you the pics we took of it with the decorations. Thanks again. Really, it just made everyone oooh and ahhh! And the baby loved the frosting :)

Jen Vesper said...

Thanks Vicki! I am so happy to hear that it was enjoyed!

Allison said...

WooHoo they really did turn out wonderful! Too bad I didn't get to see them in person but the pics are great! Jen you do an awesome job!