Sunday, August 2, 2009

Presley Wedding cake

Presley Wedding cake - I was so excited about this one when she showed me the design she was looking for. I love white on white wedding cakes. Bottom layer was lemon cake with strawberry filling, middle was french vanilla, top was white with raspberry.


Chels said...

That is soooo gorgeous!!

Can we get the girls together soon? Summer has just flown by!

Jen Vesper said...

Thanks Chelsea! And YES! I have been SO busy with cakes that I forget to call you, but I have been meaning to all summer. Kymberly really misses her friends. Honestly, I don't have a lot of free days between now and school, can she come over Wednesday? Kymberly has a new Littlest Pet Shop game for the Wii that she is dying to play with someone. :)

Tyson and Jennifer said...

That's gorgeous! I'm Chelsea's sister in law, and saw this link on her blog. There are so many pretty and fun cakes on here--you are very talented!

Presley said...

Jen thank you so much for doing our cake! You did such a fabulous job! It was beautiful and it tasted soo good! I've never liked wedding cake, but I ate so much of it! It was wonderful!