Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chicago Bears Super Fans Cake

Chicago Bears Super Fans Cake - This one was really fun for me. It was a grooms cake ordered by his mom to surprise him. Apparently he is a huge Bears fan and he and his buddies dress up as Super Fans from the Saturday Night Live skit. I thought it was so adorable of her!


Sarah said...

you are so talented!
i am into doing cakes myself, and interested in starting my own business.
do you work out of home? or do you own a bakery?
i would love to know how to get started!

Sarah the Bear said...

I love this cake! Those fans are absolutely hilarious :)

Jen Vesper said...

Thanks so much Sarah! I work out of my home. I haven't really made it an official business yet. It is a long process. :) But I hope to soon!

Thanks Sarah the Bear. :) That is an especially big compliment coming from on obvious Bears fan. :)