Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Libbie wedding

Libbie wedding - I was so excited when Libbie showed me her vision for this cake. I instantly fell in love with it. What I forget when I get so excited about a design is that all these leaves (200) have to be individually cut out, veined, and feathered one by one to get this look. I also made 36 flowers for the top tier which equals 180 individual petals cut out and feathered one at a time as well. I may not have gotten any sleep, but at least the teenagers stayed up late and entertained me with a "Frozen" lip sync battle and an epic, "who can steal the other persons shoes and socks off their feet while they are still in them" battle. All that mayhem and nothing is harmed until Ethan innocently sits on the bar stool and it collapses underneath him. It was epic.

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