Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dragon castle

Dragon Castle - This was for a Dungeons and Dragons party. The kids there were adorable and even gave me applause. I was so cute! That makes all the time spent SO worth it. The scales were cut out individually and painted gold. The dragon is rice krispie treats and the rest is lemon cake.


BECCA said...

I couldn't wait to see this one on your blog. I ran into the birthday boy last night at walmart and it's all he could talk about. Great job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jen, you are the BOMB. The cake was such a huge hit and tastes even better. Once again, you have made him the happiest boy on the earth!!!!!! They talked about it ALL afternoon and i had MANY parents in awe.

Ryley said...

Wow indivdual scales.. you are a crazy woman!!
And I thought I was insane for rolling a millon little brown balls for around the wedding cake!! This is a WAY cute cake!

krissymissy said...

I'll just say WOW!!!