Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tinkerbell Cake

Tinkerbell cake - chocolate cake bottom tier, rice krispie treat top tier with fondant plaques. Made to match the party favors.


BECCA said...

this one is fun
you do such a good job

BECCA said...

this one is fun
you do such a good job

Ryley said...


My little sister in law is ADDICTED to tink!

This would be a fun cake to make.. If only I was as good as you! :)

Oh by the way.. I had this totally light bulb moment today.. I don't know what it was.. but the fondant on my round cakes had no wrinkles!! I finally understood the pulls away and smooth technic.
It was wonderfull!

Thats all! :)

Jen Vesper said...

Thanks Becca!

And I am so happy for you Ryley!
Isn't that a great moment when it finally clicks and you just go...ohhh!!! That is how you do it! Someone can show you 20 times, but it is when you actually feel what you are doing that the light goes on. Happy day!!

Kris said...

Jen, I said it before and say it again. AWESOME JOB! I joined the blog wagon. Can you give me an invite to yours? Pretty please with tink on top!