Friday, August 8, 2008

Kitty Cupcake Toppers

With wedding weekend in full swing, I didn't have time to make cupcakes for this lady tomorrow so we decided to just do the toppers that she could stick on her own cupcakes tomorrow. I am really happy with these, they took longer than I expected but I think they are too cute!


tinabean1988 said...

I found your site through Roy High's class reunion site.
I went to school with your husband.
You are so very talented & quite the artist.
Your cakes are AMAZING!
Would you mind if I did a shout out about your blog on my blog?

Jen Vesper said...

Thanks Tina! That is very sweet of you to say. Did you know my hubby? I would be happy if you did a shout out. I am very new to the cake business, so I can use all the shout outs I can get. *grin* Thanks so much!

tinabean1988 said...

Thank you for letting me do a shout out for you.
I like to help people advertise if I can.
I did know your husband, not really good though & if he remembers me I don't know if he likes me.
But we're all older now & people change.
I'm going to put you on my blog roll also so people can check you out.
Do you live close to me at all?
I'm still in Roy.