Friday, August 8, 2008

Lego Indiana Jones cake

Lego Indiana Jones cake - This one was so fun for me because I got to play the demo for research. *grin*


Jeanette said...

This is awesome, my boys would absolutely love this cake =0)

A Cupcake Life said...

Hi Jen, I wanted to show you a post I made today on flickr. Your very talented and I thank you for the inspiration!


Kate Wilke said...

hey there. this is an awesome cake. my son's love lego star wars. have any ideas for that type of cake? where are you located by the way?

Jen Vesper said...

Thanks Jeanette!!
Dusti, I love your cake. I think it turned out great. I am so flattered that you used my idea.
Kate, I am in Roy, Utah. I actually do have some great ideas for Lego Star Wars. My boys are really into that as well. If you are interested in ordering, send me an email and I will work something up for you. Thanks!