Monday, September 26, 2016

Burlap winter wedding

Burlap winter wedding - Ice on the ground and cake deliveries don't mix. Let's just say one epic fall led to making an entire wedding cake over again, from scratch in two hours. Someone should have been filming the epic mahem. Luckily, the bottom was rice krispies anyway, so I only had to bake the little top layer. The top doesn't have the crisp top edges that it once did and there are now carnations instead of roses, but for a complete two hour do-over....not too shabby. Did I mention that three deer ran out in front of my car on the way to deliver it as well? Seriously...epic. Thank you Brenda and Paysha for being such good sports! Thankfully, nothing on me broke, just a couple scratches and a bruised ego. :-)

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