Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Grandma Dabb cake

Grandma Dabb cake - This was a cake to celebrate what would have been my Grandma Dabb's 100th birthday. I remade the bottom because I wasn't happy with it the first time and then during delivery the torrential rain and humidity made the frosting slide down the sides and it was ruined. So this picture is to show my cousins that at one point, it was a beautiful tribute to our amazing grandmother. Just glad it was going to my family who love me anyway! Also, when I first arrived, my Aunt Jeanette came to greet us. Because of the rain, she had on a hood, was carrying and umbrella and was bent over a little. My heart raced when I saw her as she looked exactly like grandma. I knew it wasn't real, but for a couple seconds, my heart was so happy to see her there. Sorry if I hugged you a little tight Aunt Jeanette. You gave me a little taste of heaven. Love you all! Happy birthday Grandma!

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