Monday, September 26, 2016

Twin rosette cake one

Twin rosette cake one- Making these cakes this weekend was a huge ordeal. I thought that after my surgery I would feel so much better. Wrong! On a normal day, making 45 roses to cover an entire bottom layer wold be difficult, but this week was especially trying. It took WAY more hours than I expected or charged for, but I was so happy with the result. The bride wanted the rosette look on the bottom in buttercream, but wanted the layer to be styrofoam so they could use it for another wedding in a month. There is no way the color or beauty would have lasted a month with buttercream, so we settled on this. So in June, I will make a new top. This time I think I will go a bit taller so it isn't dwarfed in comparison like this one ended up. Thank you to my hubby Alan for driving this one down with me. Even though I put off my pain meds so that I could drive, after only two hours of sleep, being in the pain I was in, I was grateful to have someone else be in charge of getting us there. Also, I went out to a flat tire on my Buick. What? It was a day for sure.

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